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A very pretty babygirl!

Wow…I saw one of these images a few years ago, but did not know there were more. She is adorable.

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“Jared!” she half whispered, half shouted when she saw the girl passed out on the couch. “What have you done to Katie?”

“Mom…” Jared began, but he knew that he was in trouble and it was clear what had happened. His Mother was furious and he knew an explanation was only going to anger her more.

Mrs. Haines walked over to the girl and looked at her diaper and giggled just a little bit despite the gravity of the situation. She was pissed at Jared, but she couldn’t help but be secretly pleased to be doing her second diaper change of Katie, and this time for legitimate reasons.

“She is wet Jared!”

“I know Mom…” Jared began again, but did not elaborate.

“Well, I have to get her out of that wet diaper before she gets a rash. I don’t have anything to change her into though” she said more to herself than anyone else, thinking about what to do next. “I gave Misty a diaper bag with all of the supplies in it.”

“It’s in my car but…”

“Go get it now Jared” his mother commanded. “But before you do that, bring her into the guest bedroom.”

Jared picked up Katie and grudgingly walked the sleeping girl back to the room containing the large crib.

“Just lay her on the floor and go get me the diaper bag while I look for a changing pad. I know I have some left over items from your brother.”

 Jared laid her on her back on the carpeted floor and watched as she spayed out with no knowledge of about what was going to happen. He turned and walked out of the room leaving Katie to her fate as his mother searched through the closet for a changing pad.

“There it is” he heard his mother say as he walked down the hallway.

Jared walked to the car and retrieved the diaper bag full of large Pampers, powered diaper cream and wipes. “I cannot believe this day” he thought to himself.

As he walked back into the house he could hear his mother talking to someone on the phone.

“Yes, she is going to stay here tonight if that is ok” she said as Jared entered the room. “Yes, Jared is going to be grounded for a long time” she said this as he handed her the diaper bag and she made gestures for him to leave the room and close the door.

Jared paused to look at the scene that was playing out. His adorable girlfriend was splayed out on the floor in a wet Pamper. His mother had slid the changing pad under her bottom and was sitting on the floor between Katie’s splayed legs, beginning to untape her diaper.

She gave him one more glance, lowered the phone and told him to get her one of him T-shirt and to close the door.

As he closed the door he heard her continuing her conversation.

“Well, there is something I should tell you Mrs. Johnson since you will likely find out in the morning…”

He could not hear the rest of the conversation as it became muffled when the door closed.

“I am in so much trouble” he thought to himself as he went to his room to get a T-shirt.

In the guest room, Mrs. Haines went about changing Katie’s wet diaper. She untaped the diaper and pulled down the front of the diaper and saw her bare crotch that still had some diaper cream on it. “That is interesting” she thought to herself as she continued to change the girls’ diaper.

She continued to talk to Mrs. Johnson on the phone as she went about the task of the diaper change. She filled her in on Katie’s night, or at least what she knew of it, all the time reassuring Katie’s mother that it was going to be fine. At one point in the conversation, the talk turned to teaching Katie a lesson.

Mrs. Haines removed the diaper from under Katie, wrapped it up and taped it, then began taking off the girl’s shoes and socks. Next, she removed the girl’s cheer skirt leaving her with just the cheer top and completely naked from her belly button down.

“She is so tiny” Mrs. Haines thought to herself and giggled at the plot that was being hatched on the phone.

Katie began to stir and opened her eyes only to be met with the harsh glare of the lights and seeing Mrs. Haines sitting between her stretched out legs.

“What is going…” she began.

“Shhh Katie, go back to sleep, we can talk about it in the morning.”

Katie was so drunk she closed he eyes again and relaxed back into a drunken sleep, slipping her thumb into her mouth before she drifted off again.

“Oh my god” she said out loud and explained how cute Katie looked to her mother as she continued the diaper change, wiping her vagina with the damp wipes.

Next she gathered Katie’s feet together and slipped a new Pamper under her bottom, squeezed the diaper cream from the diaper bag onto her fingers and began spreading it on her crotch. Katie began to stir again for a moment, but relaxed when Mrs. Haines began powdering her crotch and bottom, lifting her legs to make sure it was spread evenly across all of her privates.

Jared knocked on the door.

“Give me two more minutes” his mother said loudly.

She patted the powder in and pulled the Pamper up snuggly across Katie’s crotch. Next she taped the girl into the diaper and patted her on the bottom, overcome with the cuteness of seeing her in only the cheer top and the big white plastic shelled diaper. It took everything for her not to kiss her belly like a real baby.

“Ok. You can come in now” she said loudly to Jared through the door.

When he opened the door he saw his mother sitting on the floor with the wet diaper in her hand and Katie sucking her thumb in only her top and the Pamper. His mother continued her conversation with Mrs. Johnson, handed him the wet diaper to throw in the trash and took the white T-shirt from him, motioning him to close the door yet again.

“Oh that will look adorable” she said “I am sure you can get a pattern online, but that is a lot of sewing to do in one night…” Her voice again trailed off as he closed the door and made his way to the kitchen garbage can to throw away his girlfriend’s wet diaper.

In the guest room his mother sat Katie up, slipped off her top and slipped on the plain white T-shirt. She laid her back down and pulled the bottom of the T-shirt together at her crotch and took three pink baby pins she had found in the closet and pinned the crotch of the T-shirt together making sure the diaper would stay on, and in place for the night.

She stood and opened the door to motion for Jared one more time.

“Ok” she said to Katie’s mother “I will see you in the morning then” and hung up the phone.

Mrs. Haines walked to the crib prop and lowered the side and began removing the diapers they had collected to date, placing them on the side of the room.

“OK Jared, let’s get your little girlfriend in her crib” she said again giggling. “Place her on her belly.”

Jared picked up Katie looking at the ad-hoc onesie his mother had created out of his T-shirt and groaning to himself at the embarrassing predicament. He laid Katie gently on her belly on the soft mattress of the crib. Her thumb never left her mouth.

“Oh my God she is adorable Jared. Do you want to give her a night-night kiss?” again giggling.


“OK…well just put up the side and lets let her sleep. She has a big day tomorrow.”

With that he put up the side of the crib and left the room. His mother reached though the bars and patted her on her Pampered bottom.

“Night-night baby girl.”

She walked to the door, turned off the light and pulled the door mostly shut, leaving it open for some light in case she woke up in the middle of the night.

She heard Katie sigh behind her thumb as she pulled the door shut behind her.

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Misty pulled up her cheer panties from around her ankles and wiggled her bottom back and forth to get them back into place, all while having the diaper bag slung across her shoulder. She made an extra effort to flip up her skirt and show her bottom while she was doing it.

Jared could not help but stare at her gorgeous ass, wondering what was going to happen next.

“Well that was fun” Misty said, matter-of-factly as she proceeded towards the door. She turned and looked at the stunned Jared. “Well, are you coming or not?” she said this time turning and walking out the doorway.

Jared followed behind, not entirely sure what to do next. He followed Misty through the crowd and down the steps as she expertly cleared a path through the crowd and noise and out the front door. Several times girls stopped Jared and looked at the fast asleep girls sucking her thumb on Jared’s shoulder commenting on how cute she looked asleep in her diaper.

When they finally got outside, Misty turned to Jared and quickly returned to the Misty he knew so well.

“Well, I guess it is time for you and your baby girl to go home now. Maybe your Mom will babysit and you can come back out to the big kid’s party” she said, pecking him on the cheek, handing him the diaper bag and grabbing his crotch. She turned to go back in the house. “You know, she said, there is always more of that if you come back.” With that, she opened the door and walked back into the party leaving Jared and Katie on the porch.

 “Ugh”, Jared thought to himself “I have got to take her home to my house and figure this out, or I am never going to see her again.” He knew that he was going to have a hard time explaining this to his own Mom let alone Katie’s.

Jared was mad at Katie and, despite having just having sex with Misty, was horny as hell. Why hadn’t he realized that this would happen when he started dating a freshman. “She really is a baby” he thought to himself as he loaded her into the front seat of her car. He couldn’t help but think how adorable she was as he buckled her into the seatbelt and laid the seat back for her to sleep.

Jared drove home in a state of panic. It was clear that he could not take Katie home to her house. He pulled in the driveway and walked around to the passenger side of the car and pulled his diapered girlfriend from the passenger seat and cradled her under her bottom. She was so drunk that she could not hold herself up. Her head lay on his big shoulder and she looked like a little girl being carried in by her Daddy. The first thing that Jared noticed as he shut the door to the car and began walking to the house was how relaxed Katie was. The second thing that he noticed, much to his surprise was that her bottom was incredibly warm and felt like the diaper that she wore was soaked.  He could smell the urine smell coming from her diaper, and it was clear that she had wet the Pamper she was wearing.

“Oh my god” he thought as he walked in the house “this is incredibly hot, but is going to be so hard to explain to my mom. All the lights in the house were off with the exception of the guest room. He hoped that maybe his parents were asleep and that he could sneak her in undetected. If her could get her in the guest bedroom and get the diaper off, at least his parents would be none the wiser. He just hoped that she didn’t wet the bed. He would have to worry about that in the morning.

Jared quietly slipped the key in the door and opened it without a sounds. He gently put his keys on the counter as not to wake anyone in the house.

“Jared!” he heard his mother yell from the guest room. “Is that you?”

She was up, and in the guest room. What were the chances?

“I’m in the guest room getting ready for the diaper drive in the morning. Come look and see!”

“I will be right there he replied.”

“Oh, by the way,” she continued. “Katie’s Mom called here looking for her. I am assuming you took her home.”

“Yeah, about that…” he trailed off. Jared moved towards the darkened living room and laid Katie on one of the large sofas. She splayed out and he did his best to cover her diapered bottom with her cheer skirt.

Jared immediately walked towards the guest room, ready to begin his long and thoughtful explanation. As he turned the corner he was immediately taken by a large object sitting in the middle of the room.

Jared’s mother sat on the floor of the guest room doing some last minute touches to what looked like a poster of some sort.

“So what do you think?” she said cheerfully motioning to the item.

“What the hell is that?” he said, clearly confused.

In the middle of the room sat a large crib that looked like it could easily fit an adult and was a ¼ way filled with packages of disposable diapers.

“Your Dad made it for the diaper drive tomorrow!” she exclaimed. He finally put his woodworking skills to some use and made this prop for us to be able to collect the diapers in. What do you think?”

“Uh…it is great” he said, clearly distracted. He had been gone a good bit over the past few weeks between school and practice, so it was quite a surprise to see the new piece of furniture.

“Yeah, we thought it would be a great attention getter as people drove by the school tomorrow!” she exclaimed, clearly pleased with the prop. “So what were you going to tell me?”

I think it might be easier to show you than explain he said as he turned and walked towards the living room.

He could hear his mother getting up from the floor and following behind him.

As she entered the room and turned on the lights, Jared could hear her say “Oh my!”

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To all of those (1100+) that follow Pigtails N’ Pacifiers…Thank You!

I hope that we all find the Mommies, Daddies or Baby Boys/Girls we are looking for…we all deserve to be happy in this life :)

To all of those (1100+) that follow Pigtails N’ Pacifiers…Thank You!

I hope that we all find the Mommies, Daddies or Baby Boys/Girls we are looking for…we all deserve to be happy in this life :)

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PNP Update - Hollie in Sailor Girl Dress and Disposable.

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PNP Update - Hollie is looking sexy-cute in her big girl lingerie and little girl pullup.

PNP Update - Hollie is looking sexy-cute in her big girl lingerie and little girl pullup.


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PNP Update - Beautiful Irish Girl…check, adorable shamrock outfit…check, cute disposable diaper…check. Looks like we are all ready for St. Patrick’s Day :)

PNP Update - Beautiful Irish Girl…check, adorable shamrock outfit…check, cute disposable diaper…check. Looks like we are all ready for St. Patrick’s Day :)


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Huge P’NP Update this week…but in all honesty, it is because I am behind :) Oh well. Six new sets…and of course this little cutie dressed in a bonnet and frilly diaper cover.


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Katie was confused, how could she be here lying on her back on what she thought must be a changing table. Her bottom was warm and it was clear she was wet and about to get changed by her Mommy. How could this be happening? She wasn’t a baby. Everything was hazy and it seemed real, but she couldn’t say anything. It was like she was paralyzed and could only watch as she was about to be changed. But she wasn’t a baby…was she? “I have to be dreaming” she thought, but it was hard to tell what was real and what wasn’t. I need to wake up she thought as she slipped her thumb into her mouth


“Look at your baby girl!” Misty whispered excitedly as she watched Katie slip her thumb into her mouth.

“Knock it off” Jared said angrily. “Just change her.” He had looked away briefly when Misty had flipped up her skirt, but now it took everything in him not to watch what was about to happen.

Misty was in the middle of lifting Katie’s feet up by the ankles and removing her shoes.

“What are you doing that for?” Jared asked.

“Do you want to change her, or do you want me to?” Misty said making it clear that she was now in charge of the situation and that Jared should keep his mouth shut.

She slipped both of Katie’s shoes off and laid her feet wide apart on the bed, splaying her legs apart and making it easier for her to get access to her diaper. Next, she flipped the little cheerleader’s skirt up over her belly exposing the very soggy disposable diaper.

Katie lay there fast asleep, sighing every once in a while from behind her thumb.

“Here goes” Misty said looking over one last time at Jared.

Misty, pulled the tapes from both sides of the diaper and the front began to sag slightly exposing more of Katie’s belly. Next she pulled the front of the diaper down putting Katie’s crotch on full display. This was the first time that Jared had seen Katie’s naked crotch. It was not the way that he had planned on seeing her naked for the first time, but he would take it. Jared had now gotten to see two girls naked and shaved vaginas in a matter of minutes and he was not sure how much longer he could contain himself.

“Up we go” Misty said gathering Katie’s ankles up again and clearly losing herself in the moment. Her attitude had changed and she had suddenly become more maternal. The change was not lost on Jared and he was suddenly overcome with the way Misty was now caring for the helpless girl lying on her back. He watched as she lifted Katie’s feet high up exposing her bottom.

Jared could feel a raging erection coming on and knew that he would need to do something to take care of it.

Misty continued to change the girl, lifting her bottom high and removing the soaked diaper from under Katie’s cute little bottom.

“Come over here and watch” Misty said to Jared motioning with her head to come behind her. Her skirt had fallen back down, covering her bottom, but Jared could not help but remember what was under the outfit.

Jared moved behind her and watched in awe as she expertly continued to change the girl’s diaper.

Misty continued with the task in front of her by pulling the wet diaper from under Katie and lower her legs back down on the bed. She wrapped the wet diaper up and tossed it into a corner of the bedroom. Someone was clearly going to have some explaining to do in the morning.

Next, she opened the lid to the baby wipes and removed a few of the wet wipes and rubbed them in her hands to warm them up. She looked back at Jared just in time to see him rubbing his crotch.

“You can go ahead Jared” she said. “I won’t tell anyone.”

Misty pushed Katie’s knees apart and began wiping her crotch from the front and working her way towards her bottom. She was fascinated by Katie’s crotch as she had never seen another “adult woman’s” crotch up close. Her shaved vagina was soft and free of any hair. Just as she was looking at Katie’s crotch, she felt her own skirt being lifted and felt Jared’s large warm hands begin to touch her pussy.

Jared already had his pants around his ankles as he watched Misty gather Katie’s ankles together and lift her feet high into the air. He could hardly contain himself as he watched her meticulously work the cloth around the girl’s bottom. She was fully engaged in the activity in front of her.

Misty felt Jared’s rock hard cock on her ass and she immediately stuck her bottom out, inviting him to enter her. She wanted him badly and knew that she had just ruined Katie’s first relationship. It was almost too much for her to take. She was sure she was going to cum with just a few strokes of Jared’s cock.

Misty finished cleaning Katie and dropped the wipe onto the floor. Next she placed Katie’s feet back on the bed.

Jared watched as Misty took the top off of the tube of diaper cream and squeezed some on her fingers. He watched as she slowly moved her had from the tube and on to her own crotch applying the white paste to her pussy and opening her hand to take his cock. Next, she gently grasped his cock and guided it into her wet vagina.

Almost immediately Jared began moving inside of her. It was clear that they were both incredibly aroused and that it would not be long before they were cumming for each other.

Misty got back at the task at hand and allowed Jared to continue his task. She went back to the tube of diaper cream again and this time squeezed the cream onto her hand for Katie. She put the lid back on the diaper cream and lifted one of Katie’s ankles high causing her legs to spread and her hips to shift slightly exposing some of her bottom. Misty then went about applying the cream to Katie’s crotch, methodically applying the cream to her vagina and bottom. She lifted the other leg and did the same all while taking Jared into her fully. She was trying hard not to climax, but it was becoming increasingly more difficult with every stroke of his cock.

Next, Misty took the cute over-sized Pamper from the bed and opened and fluffed the diaper. She looked at the diaper and imaged being Katie for a second, about ready to be diapered, but had to turn of the thought before she came. She quickly lifted and gathered both of Katie’s ankles and slid the clean, dry new diaper under her bottom. She could feel that Jared was about to cum at any moment and she decided to fore-go powdering Katie in favor of finishing her diapering before they both climaxed.

She let Katie’s feet down gently, spreading them wide. Next she pulled the bulky front panel covered in the plastic shell up around Katie’s crotch and began to tape the diaper into place.

By the time she had begun applying the first tape, Jared was beginning to moan and she knew that she needed to finish securing the diaper. As she positioned the last tape and secured Katie back into her diapered state, they both began to cum. Misty put her hands on the bed and stuck out her bottom as Jared grabbed her hips and thrust deep inside of her. The moaned together until the climax passed and then Jared relaxed and released her from his grasp. He slowly slid out of her and she could feel the hot cum dripping down her leg. She looked back at him and he immediately knew that despite how incredible he felt, that he had made a terrible mistake.

Katie, now dry and newly diapered and clean was oblivious to her diaper change and to the fact that her first crush had now become her first cheat. She looked like a toddler lying on the big bed in her dry diaper and it was hard for both Misty and Jared to take their eyes off of her. She looked so peaceful despite the events that had just occurred.

Jared said nothing, but pulled up his pants and walked over to the bed to gather Katie up as he had before. She snuggled into him with her head resting on her shoulder and her thumb pressed deeply in her mouth. She sighed and relaxed against him.

“Oh! I almost forgot” Misty said, reaching for the powder. She walked over to Jared and Katie and pulled the back of her diaper away from her skin. Misty looked down the back of her diaper and giggled, sprinkling baby powder in as a finish touch. She released the back of the diaper allowing it to pull back into shape. She patted Katie on the bottom and said “All done!”

Jared rolled his eyes and watched as Misty packed up the contents of the diaper bag knowing that he had gotten himself in over his head.

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Baby bottle fun


Baby bottle fun

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